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Tech Center


In 2001, the Inspiring Minds Technology Center opened its doors as a response to the community’s wish for a safe and supportive place for public school students to access computers to do research and homework.  Since then, the Center has grown and evolved.  No longer solely a safe homework site, it now offers innovative and hands-on projects and activities after school and during school vacations, and tutoring with trained volunteers.  The Center has 15 computers for students to access for homework and project-based learning.  

Nearly every weekday during the school year, approximately 30 high school students come to the Tech Center to participate in engaging STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) activities, work with our tutors, do their homework or use the computers for research.  Each year, the demand for our Center’s computers, programs and tutoring grows.



Take a look at our February and March 2016 Workshop Schedules!

Inspiring Minds also sponsors college preparation and career workshops.  These workshops introduce middle and high school students to higher education opportunities and exciting professions – and importantly, the skills students need to attain 21st Century jobs. To provide an extensively enriching experience, Inspiring Minds collaborates with businesses and other nonprofits whenever possible. Some of our past partners include New Urban Arts, Youth Pride, Save the Bay, the University of Rhode Island, the Providence School Department and Providence After School Alliance.


STEAM Workshops include topics such as:



Learn basic coding or challenge yourself to learn new programming languages. You could even learn to code your own video game!

3D Tech Art

Come use our 3D printer to create models and animations you can take home! You can learn at your own pace and get candy for your progress.

Clase de Espanol

Through a partnership with Providence After School Alliance, Inspiring Minds STEAM center is able to provide an English Language Learners workshop for students who would like to improve their academic language and comprehension of subject based vocabulary. Venga a aprender Inglés con amigos y ipads y deliciosos bocadillos!


Learn basic coding or challenge yourself to learn new programming languages. You could even learn to code your own video game!

Life After High School

All the things they don t teach you in class and your suggestions guide the workshop. Want to balance a check book? Want to know what business casual means? Want to know how student loans really work?  – PLUS field trips every month!

And our many other workshops!

In the past we’ve offered a diverse selection of workshops and activities: Chess Club, Chem&Candy, Girls’ Engineering, Video Game Design, Computer Animation, Intro to Coding, How to Get a Job, and many, many others.



The STEAM center also offers high-school students one-on-one tutoring in any subject they require help in. Community members with varied expertise donate their time and knowledge to assist students in understanding common core components as well as build homework habits, study skills, and researching.






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