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How to Apply

Application Process

Volunteers are asked to spend at least one hour each week volunteering. To ensure the most successful outcomes for our students, we ask you to commit to volunteering at least a full semester, if not a full school year (September to June). Other volunteer opportunities exist during the summer. To become an Inspiring Minds’ volunteer, you must

  • Fill out a  2016-2017 New Volunteer Application  or the form to the right
  • Provide Inspiring Minds with references
  • Attend an Inspiring Minds’ orientation session
  • Agree to follow Inspiring Minds’ rules and procedures

If you want specific information about our different programs, please email inspire@inspiringmindsri.org or call our office at 401-274-3240


Register for Orientation

In order to begin volunteering, applicants must attend an orientation session. Please call our office at 401-274-3240 or email inspire@inspiringmindsri.org to find out our currently scheduled dates and to sign-up for one!

Apply Online

Fill out the form below and we will contact you soon with the orientation schedule!

Or download a PDF of our 2016-2017 New Volunteer Application and email or mail it in!

Fields marked with an * are required

Please indicate your weekly schedule when you are available to tutor between Monday and Thursday from 9:00 to 2:00, and Friday before 12:00.

Please note, schedule should indicate the time in which you can be in the school building (if you have class until 10:00 please put availability at 10:30).

Please be descriptive but succinct (2-3 sentences).