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Pen Pal Club

Pen Pal Club


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Writing to Students

During the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, some of our volunteers wanted to stay engaged with their students but didn’t have the means to connect virtually. The volunteers came up with the idea of writing to students, and 48 volunteers started writing to 106 students. 26 students wrote back, and the Pen Pal Club began! We added to the experience by delivering a Pen Pal Kit to the students’ homes to ensure they had the materials and supplies necessary to write back!

The Pen Pal Club matches volunteers with students in grades 3-5 to write letters to each other to build meaningful and positive relationships. We encourage students to write in the language they feel most comfortable and offer translation services to volunteers. The goal of this program is to support the efforts of Providence schools to educate students in reading, writing, and language learning, and to offer the means for students and volunteers to build and maintain positive relationships.


Students and volunteers should engage in this program for at least one year, and write one letter every month. Each month, volunteer and student letters will be guided by a new theme (hobbies, future goals, favorite books, etc.) To maintain the exchange of letters, we encourage pen pals to reply within two weeks of receiving a letter.


Inspiring Minds and its volunteers provide all supplies necessary for students to participate in this program. Volunteers will deliver pencils, pens, colored pencils, notepads, stickers and other supplies to students’ homes in Pen Pal Kits. Every time a student receives a letter from their pen pal, a self-addressed and stamped envelope will be included for the student to send a letter back.

  • Parents register their students online or by mail.
  • To register by mail, fill out the Pen Pal Club Parent Registration Form and mail it to our office:
    Inspiring Minds
    190 Broad St 2nd Floor
    Providence, R1 02903
  • We find and train volunteers to match with students.
  • We notify the parent and the volunteer once a match has been made.
  • Volunteers send their letters directly to students, and cannot contact students in any other way than by mail.
  • Students mail their letters to Inspiring Minds, and we send their letters to the volunteer. We encourage students to write in the language they feel most comfortable and offer translation services to volunteers!

Online Registration

Registration Form


To participate in Pen Pals Club:

  1. Click the “Volunteer” button to complete a GivePulse account and Inspiring Minds volunteer application.
  2. Once your application is complete, register for the Pen Pal Club GivePulse event.
  3. We will contact you with a match and provide you with further instruction!


If you are an educator and would like Pen Pal flyers (hard copy or electronic) to distribute to your students, please contact us! We will also write to an entire class!

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Have You Heard…

I was so excited to receive a letter back from one of my pen pals. I wrote back as soon as I could. I told her how happy I was that she wrote back.

Was so excited to get my first response! My penpal even drew me a picture. I immediately typed up a new letter to keep the momentum going. Also want him to feel he is important to me.

My Pen Pal is just adorable! She’s in the second grade and so smart, and I see her getting smarter as we write each week. She’s just growing right in front of me, which makes me very very happy.

This was fun to do, imagining a first-grader receiving the letter and game I sent. Hoping to be a positive happening in his day, and for a response!

I was thrilled to write my second letter to Benjamin. Ben’s reply to me was very thorough and well written. It was very fulfilling to know my Pen Pal was very engaged in our Pen Pal activity.