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Overview of Programs


All of Inspiring Minds’ tutoring and mentoring programs are designed to help students achieve success in school. Inspiring Minds’ program have a positive impact, and we witness the academic and social progress our students make.   Each year, Inspiring Minds’ tutors help Providence Public School students advance in reading, writing, math and social skills.  Parents and teachers note that Inspiring Minds’ tutored students improve in attendance, class participation and attitude about learning.



In-school Tutoring/Mentoring

In-school tutoring and mentoring is the largest and longest running program at Inspiring Minds. In-school tutor/mentors work as in-class supports for students who have been identified as at-risk or in need of intervention by school faculty. After students complete their initial assessment at the beginning of the year, teachers identify those who require additional attention. Inspiring Minds places our trained volunteers in the classroom to work with these students in small groups, no more than 4 at a time, on targeted skills at least once a week.

We train approximately 500 tutors-mentors each year. Many of our volunteers return year after year because of the strong relationships they build with the students and teachers in our public schools.

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Power Lunch

Power Lunch is a mentoring program that matches groups of volunteers from the public and private sector one-to-one with elementary school children, to encourage students to develop a love of school through shared experiences with caring individuals. 

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KidsBridge is a free six-week summer experience for rising kindergartners with little to no preschool experience. KidsBridge prepares kindergarteners for their new roles as kindergarten students. Students attend school for six hours per day, five days per week and adjust to the routines and procedures of kindergarten to help them transition into school. The program is taught by certified, experienced teachers with support from Providence’s high school workforce and trained community volunteers.

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The Kindergarten Project

The Kindergarten Project partners college students with Kindergarten classrooms to bring individualized attention to the Kindergarten students and provides an in-school experience to aspiring teachers and youth development workers enrolled in one of Rhode Island’s higher education programs. The partnership reduces ratios in the Kindergarten classroom 20 hours a week, resulting in increased student proficiency levels in the classroom.

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