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Stories & Moments

We recently asked our volunteers to share some of the most inspiring moments of their volunteer experience.


“It is always rewarding when a student finally understands a concept and you can see everything sort of “click” in their heads, like the metaphorical light bulb has been turned on, and everything makes sense. I also saw one of my students from two years ago during dismissal, and she told me that she remembered me.  Knowing that I was able to make such an impact on a little girl that I only saw for a few minutes each week two years ago was so special.” – Emily C.
“Every time I help someone and I see that I have reached them, when they suddenly understand what they were having trouble with – I can recognize the expression at the moment the ‘light bulb turns on’. And, on the last work day of last year, I sat with someone who was not a particular charge of mine, though we had worked a few times. She was sitting on her own, put in the back by the teacher, and when I went to help her, noticed she was drawing pictures. This was typical of her, she often decorated her desk with drawings or artifacts she made, an obvious early version of an ‘art kid’. I asked her to tell me what the parts of her drawing were, and then as she told me, I asked her to label them by writing the words on the drawing with arrows. She found this very fun, suddenly excited, and asked me if I would be there the next day (I only go once a week, and as I said, this was the last working day of the year for me). It felt like a real breakthrough, and that was inspiring.” – Steve S.
“Seeing one of my students have a “Eureka!” moment while reviewing a concept he had been having difficulty with.” – Christopher C.
“When my students feel confident enough to raise their hand to answer the question and to know that they did the work on their own. I also love when they ask me when I will be back next because that makes me think that they enjoy my presence and I am making some difference.” – Lia D. 

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Volunteer Spotlights


“I do what I can to provide [my students] with some of the advantages they otherwise couldn’t afford.”

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“…As students with the privilege of going to college, it is our duty to give back.”
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