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Educators, parents and community leaders have long understood that the city’s children would benefit from high-quality universal pre-kindergarten program. However, the community only has limited resources for serving all three- and four-year-olds. Of the roughly 300 openings Rhode Island had for Pre-K in the current school year, there were close to 1,000 applicants, according to the Rhode Island Department of Education. In other words, two in every three applicants had to be turned away from state pre-K.

To address this need Inspiring Minds developed its intensive 5 week summer Pre-K program in 2006 called KidsBridge. KidsBridge is a pre-kindergarten readiness program hosted within Providence Public schools with providence school teachers and up to 100 volunteers in order to familiarize students with their prospective buildings and teachers, classroom norms and rituals, as well as reviewing their numbers, letters, colors and shapes.

Read about KidsBridge in the Providence Journal


Volunteer Opportunities


KidsBridge attempts to address the common effects of these inequities by accelerating student learning in reading, writing, math, and social skills!


Become a KidsBridge volunteer and you could expect:

  • To volunteer at least TWO full days a week from 8am to 12:30pm (Can’t volunteer that often? Keep reading to see more opportunities)
  • To be at the same school, in the same classroom, for the entirety of the program, thus building enriching relationships with the students, teacher, and other volunteers in that room
  • To work with groups of 2-3 students at a time, helping with basic reading, writing, and math skills
  • To serve as a strong role-model to Pre-K students, helping them recognize the importance of classroom manners and getting along well with others
  • To have multiple students designate you as their favorite and want you to be proud of them!

Can’t volunteer consistently one day a week? We also need volunteers to help with:

  • Training New Volunteers
  • Field trips
  • Assessing Student Knowledge
  • KidsBridge Graduation


To apply, please click here!