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Overview of Programs


All of Inspiring Minds’ tutoring and mentoring programs are designed to help students achieve success in school. Inspiring Minds’ program have a positive impact, and we witness the academic and social progress our students make.   Each year, more than 1,000 Inspiring Minds’ tutors help approximately 1,900 students advance in reading, writing, math and social skills.  Parents and teachers note that Inspiring Minds’ tutored students improve in attendance, class participation and attitude about learning.



In-school Tutoring

Inspiring Minds, though we provide tutoring for some middle and high schools, is refocusing its efforts in elementary schools, and more specifically in grades kindergarten to third grade. Volunteers in this program tutor students in classrooms during the school day, with guidance from classroom teachers and school staff. No previous teaching or tutoring experience is required and orientation and training is provided.

Our volunteers in this program come from both the community and colleges around the area. Inspiring Minds partners with colleges students, especially those pursuing education degrees, in order for them to gain valuable classroom experience, and to provide dearly-needed help to our public school students. Read more about in-school tutoring.

Power Lunch 

Power Lunch is how we partner with businesses and organizations in the area to provide volunteer opportunities to employees. Teams from businesses go into Providence schools during students’ lunch hours and partner with students to build confidence while reading together. If you’re interested in finding out more information about this program, or have a team of employees who would like to take part, please email Irene Bates at ibates@inspiringmindsri.org, or click here to read more about the program


KidsBridge is Inspiring Minds’ K-prep initiative. This is a dynamic 4-week summer learning program whose rigorous series of activities fortified by a 1:3 adult/student ratio empowers children with little or no pre-school experience to rapidly catch up academically and socially. This program runs in the summer, usually starting in July and ending in August. Want to know more? Read on!