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About Us


Inspiring Minds is a dynamic, award-winning educational nonprofit that closes the achievement gap. The organization is dedicated to enabling our city’s public school students to succeed in school – and build a good foundation for their future.


Inspiring Minds’ mission is to create successful students by providing them with the appropriate academic and social supports.


Inspiring Minds’ vision is that all Providence public school students have an equal chance at academic success. We see Inspiring Minds as being the provider of superior tutorial and mentoring services, educational resources and individual attention which truly affect academic outcomes and build skills for the 21st century.

What We Do

Inspiring Minds partners with schools to deliver fully-integrated student support systems that provide focused, individual tutoring to accelerate skill acquisition. Services are available to students from Kindergarten through Grade 3 in math and literacy.  Inspiring Minds efficiently manages these initiatives by using recruited, screened, trained and managed community volunteers and leveraging collaborations with other nonprofits, businesses and universities to make a difference in our students’ lives.