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Mission, Vision, Values

Mission, Vision, Values

Mission, Vision, Values


Inspiring Minds empowers students to succeed and thrive in school and life by developing trusted relationships with community members who are knowledgeable of the culturally responsive, academic, and socio-emotional needs necessary for student success.


Inspiring Minds is an antiracist organization committed to closing equity gaps based on race, ethnicity, first language, and economic status that impact RI students and families. 


Student-centered. Student success and well-being are the primary drivers behind our actions and decisions.

Equity-motivated. Racial equity is the just path forward for the organization, communities, and students we serve; therefore, we commit to antiracist practices. 

Asset-framed. The diverse lived experiences of our students and their families are assets we acknowledge and promote.  

Relationship-focused. Students thrive when they are connected to and supported by caring and committed adults.

Community-grounded. Inspiring Minds values community and invites community members to help create a supportive village for schools. 

Expectations-driven. A critical strategy for closing the equity gap is to actively support a culture of high expectations, continuous growth, and improvement for students, schools, and Inspiring Minds. 

Evidence-based. We use qualitative and quantitative data and research to inform our organizational decisions and spark dynamic and innovative responses.