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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Additional Volunteer Opportunities

We accept volunteers for capacity-building who work to support the general operations of Inspiring Minds. Further, we accept board and committee member applications.

Board of Directors

A board of directors is the governing body of a Inspiring Minds. The members of ourt board focus on the high-level strategy, oversight, and accountability of the organization. We have fifteen members who serve 3 year terms.

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Board Committees

Board committees are small groups of individuals who advise the board on a specific area of operations. Committees are groups of board members, staff members, and volunteers who come together to provide expert guidance for the board as a whole. Most importantly, board committees are a way to leverage the knowledge of a larger group of people to help the board make the best decisions possible. We have four committees welcoming new members- Finance, Strategic Planning and Programs, Governance, Fund Development.

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Capacity Building/Skill Based Volunteering

Skills-based volunteering provides critical strategic support for Inspiring Minds and offers an opportunity for business professionals to give back, flex their talents, and network. We are developing a list of folks we can call upon for small projects. We have a high need for photographers, data analysts, event staff, and building maintenance.

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Program Volunteers

Inspiring Minds is a volunteer organization and we have opportunities for volunteers at almost all of our programs. Check out all of our programs here to see if you are interested in volunteering today!


In School Tutoring and Mentoring


Inspiring Minds seeks skill-based volunteers to meet with Explorers at Group Meetings and provide Professional Development Opportunities.

  • BIPOC volunteers who can share experiences about their journey to become a teacher and/or interacting and engaging with young people in a school based setting.
  • Higher Education folks to share information about applying to higher education, scholarships, FAFSA, resources, etc.
  • Resource awareness: we are seeking folks to talk about Financial Literacy, Adulting, housing, food insecurity, homelessness, drug use, abuse and recovery,