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 Our History


Inspiring Minds has a long history of quickly responding to the needs of Providence public school students.


1963 — Providence’s School Desegregation Plan
Lippitt Hill Tutorial is formed as a grass roots organization to address the changing educational environment in one school with a handful of volunteers





1978 — Refugees from Southeast Asia are resettled in Providence
The number of tutors increases as the new population enters the public schools of Providence with multiple new languages and cultures. Mt. Pleasant Tutorial is formed.





1988 — Immigration of Hispanic population to Providence grows from a trickle to a flow.
At the request of the Providence School Department Lippitt Hill Tutorial and Mt. Pleasant Tutorial merge to form Volunteers In Providence Schools (VIPS). VIPS began addressing city-wide needs and adds mentoring.




1995 — Homework Centers Opened
In response in increased needs of student help,VIPS expanded services opening after-school Homework Centers in Providence Public Libraries.




2001 — VIPS opened Technology and Learning Center to fill the Technology Gap
Hands-on science programs are offered Kids learn computer programs such as CAD and Graphic Design. SAT prep classes are offered




2010 — We change our name to Inspiring Minds.

One Third of Providence students are recent arrivals to this country. Inspiring Minds increases the number of multi-lingual tutors and mentors to address the special needs of the children as well as the families. In response to growing need, ESL classes for kids and adults offered. Kids work on reading, writing, math and science skills in fun summer programs.


2015 — We continue to adapt to the needs of Providence students

In addition to offering in-school support to students, we now are responding to research that shows that Early Childhood Learning is critical to school success later in life – we now host an intensive summer program for Pre-K students to help them prepare for Kindergarten. We also provide ample opportunities for businesses to get their employees involved in the community with our Power Lunch program.


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